The Thumping Tommys’ debut studio album is out now on CD and vinyl! Order your copy here

After years of working as a popular and in demand folk band in London and internationally, The Thumping Tommys have turned their hand to songwriting, producing their first album of completely original material. Their album, much like their Live repertoire, takes inspiration from a wide range of sources, from traditional English and Irish folk songs and Classic Country, to the Delta blues and Bluegrass.

The album starts off with a bang, in which the troubles of City life are explored in the opening track, Moving On complete with a dazzling reel played on mandolin and fiddle. The next track Do It All Over Again is a classic relationship song turned on its head, in which the love interest manages to find her way into a typical singer/songwriter’s lament in order to tell her side of the story. Continuing the theme of confusing relationships is If We Don’t Say Goodbye; a swooning Irish style ballad about two people wondering if they should continue their secret infatuation any further. Breaking the mood with a furious bluegrass tempo, Friday by the sea is a wandering reminiscence on a typical day of a teenager growing up in the post industrial north of England. Track five is Lie By My Side, a tender woody Nick Drake style folk song that explodes into a soaring orchestration of chamber music. Following this are a set of three traditional style reels, each named after the current homesteads of the band: Turnpike Lane is a lilting English style reel, Bruce Grove is a more uptempo fiddle tune drawing influences from Irish and Turkish Music, and Dunstable Downs is a rollicking bluegrass ho-down. Other tracks include I Wish There Where A Devil To Blame, a heavy delta blues riff-fest, exploring the evil of man throughout history through the language of the southern Gothic and the haunting Appalachian stylings of Dock Boggs, and Tonight Tomorrow; a sensual country ballad replete with oozing slide guitar.

The album was recorded in the legendary Woodworm Studio, the birthplace of many classic folk albums nestled in the Oxfordshire country side. The studio is best known for his association with Fairport Convention, Jethro Tull and Richard Thompson.

All three core members of The Thumping Tommys, Alex Hunter, Giles Casswell and Benedict Scrivener, have contributed lyrically and vocally to the album. Also contributing to the album is Georgina Leech, known for her work with folk Giants Seasick Steve and Mumford and Sons and Tim Fairhall Who plays with world music star Yazmin levy, with Guest vocals from award-winning jazz singer Cherise Adams.